Statutory planning

At kinetica, we provide statutory planning advice about development proposals to a range of stakeholders within the private and public sectors.

Our planning advice is impartial and focused on facilitating positive change. Our planners work closely with the consultant teams to facilitate planning approvals for residential, commercial and mixed use developments across metropolitan and regional Victoria. We are experts in the fields of restrictive covenants, land acquisition, and highest and best use feasibilities and assessments.

As recognised experts in their fields, our Principals are regularly engaged to provide independent expert evidence in Courts and Tribunals.

Our assessments are rigorous and are always approached through a strategic lens. Our strategic approach to statutory planning is what sets us apart. When we identify issues with a proposal, our statutory planning team draws on its experience and the strategic planning and urban design teams within kinetica to provide constructive and compelling advice.

Recent statutory planning projects include:

75 Central Road, Hampton Park

Ascot Vale Social Housing Redevelopment

650-652 Plenty Road and 1212 Rene Street, Reservoir

Why have we changed our name?

kinetica was formerly known as David Lock Associates (DLA).

David Lock Associates (Australia) Pty Ltd changed its name to Kinetica Studio Pty Ltd on 21 February 2020 to reflect the significant reinvention of the business.

Starting with the crystallisation of our vision and values, continuing with a transformation of our planning offer, and culminating in our move to a ‘grown up’ office in the CBD, we are no longer the business we were.

Paralleling these changes, we agreed with David Lock Associates Limited (the English business which gave birth to DLA Australia) that it is time to undo our formal corporate ties, while retaining a strong informal relationship.

This reinvention of the business needed to be expressed outwardly and we began the process of refreshing our graphic identity. DLA has been predominantly known for urban design expertise, and the name reflects our history as a satellite of an English business. A new name offered the opportunity to establish a refined brand, based on a home-grown organisation featuring planners and urban designers trusted for their expertise and independence.

Our new company name, kinetica, reflects our passion for change.  We facilitate and shape changes in the use, ownership and development of land to create a better lived experience.

kinetica retains the best of DLA—highly regarded independent urban design expertise—and combines it with highly regarded independent planning expertise.